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Imperial Health Imaging Center Now Offering Advanced CT Technology - Monday, April 22, 2013
To make CT exams as safe and accurate as possible for patients, Imperial Health Imaging Center, located at 1747 Imperial Boulevard in Lake Charles, has installed a new state-of-the-art CT system that offers the highest level of image quality with advanced technologies to reduce radiation dose. The Toshiba’s Aquilion PrimeTM multi-detector CT system is designed to lower radiation, make exams more comfortable and safer for patients and provides physicians with the information required for diagnosis.

The new CT system at Imperial Health Imaging Center features a full suite of dose reduction technologies to help improve patient safety in CT imaging, while maintaining the highest image quality possible. These technologies include SUREExposureTM and SUREExposure Pediatric.

SUREExposure automatically adjusts the dose levels each patient receives based on their size. That way, the system is able to acquire the highest quality images with the least possible amount of exposure to radiation. Using state-of-the-art software that sharpens the image, SUREExposure provides optimum image quality at lower radiation levels, enabling information to be gathered with less radiation.

Because pediatric patients are more sensitive to radiation, it is even more critical to limit the amount of radiation exposure they receive. SUREExposure Pediatric includes the dose reduction benefits of SUREExposure while adjusting the scan to the specific needs of each pediatric patient.

For more information about the advanced CT technology at Imperial Health Imaging, call (337) 312-8761.


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