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Pulmonary Function Test Tech (CMA)
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Lake Charles, LA

TITLE: Pulmonary Function Test Technician

DEPARTMENT: Pulmonology

Essential Functions:

  • The Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Technician performs pulmonary function studies which aid the physician in diagnosis and treatment of lung disorders.

Responsible to: Nursing Supervisor and/or Physician

Job Duties:

1. Perform pulmonary function studies, arterial blood gases, and oximety.

2. Take responsibility for PEF and NIF manometer.

3. Perform breathing treatments.

4. Perform quality control and maintenance on all equipment.

5. Provide physician with reports of studies for interpretation.

6. Instruct patients regarding postural drainage and chest percussion; MDI; oxygen delivery equipment.

7. Record procedures in patient's chart; submit charge ticket.

8. Respond to all emergencies (" CODE BLUE” )

9. Perform CPR, if indicated.

10. Follow clinic policies for infection control in handling and disposing of infectious/hazardous waste materials.

11. Order all necessary supplies.

12. Maintain orderly and timely flow of scheduled patients.

13. Assist in clinic nursing duties

14. Perform other tasks as assigned.


A. Exposure to possible hazardous materials/conditions and infectious disease.

B. Fine motor skill- bending, stretching, sitting, standing, and walking while on


1. Technician requires standing.

2. All instruments require standing at some time during the run.

3. Safety equipment, such as safety hood, eye wash station, requires standing.

4. Low storage cabinets require bending.

C. Lifting of 50-100 pounds may require.

D. Ability to relate to people and situations with good judgment and integrity

under stressful situations.

Requirements: Formal training which may be indicated by completion and certification from a Respiratory and Pulmonary Program is preferred; State license as a respiratory therapy technician is preferred.  Certified Medical Assistants qualify for this position.


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