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Certified Medical Assistant - Neurology
This position is: Full Time
Position Location: Lake Charles, LA
Certified Medical Assistant needed to provide outstanding patient care including nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG).
Requirements: National medical assistant certification is required.  Experience with electrodiagnostic studies is preferred:  NCS and EMG.

        Clinical Operations: Participates in the care of the patient, under the direct supervision of the Physician and in collaboration with the healthcare team.

1. Greets and escorts patient to exam rooms.

2. Collects patient information and assessment data. Obtains and records patient's vital signs: temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, weight and height. Performs chart review to obtain historical data.

3. Assists physician with procedures/treatments/examinations, (preparation, positioning, supplies, equipment).

4. Maintains and uses principles of aseptic techniques and infection control when performing clinical duties and tasks.

5. Ensures that patient chart entries are made accurately and in a timely manner; forwards charts as appropriate.

6. Confirms and clarifies written orders prior to implementation of delegated tasks.

7. Performs delegated procedures, ie. injections, nebulizer treatment, etc. Observes, records and reports patient's condition and reaction to drugs and treatments to physician.

8. Follows policies for infection control in handling and disposing of infectious/hazardous waste materials.

9. Appropriately obtains and manages specimens, including: labeling, form completion and storage awaiting transfer to laboratory.

10. Recognizes emergency situations and implements emergency procedures according to clinic guidelines. Administers first aid, CPR, and maintains emergency equipment and supplies.

11. Provides appropriate patient specific education, and health information materials.

Support Operations: In close partnership with healthcare team, assures smooth and efficient patient flow and clinical operation.

1. Makes, receives and handles medically related phone calls as directed by physicians.

2. Orders, stocks, and maintains exam room supplies.

3. Assists receptionist in scheduling appointments as needed. Ensures appointment preferences are given to patients in emergency situations.

4. Completes all logs as required by OSHA Regulations. (i.e. Refrigerator log recorded twice daily, Eye Wash Station log recorded daily, Crash Cart log recorded monthly, etc).

5. Count and record all injectable medications kept in locked cabinet and refrigerator daily.

6. Inspect all sample and injectable medications weekly and dispose of any expired drugs according to Imperial Health guidelines.

7. Notifies patients of test results; schedules follow-up appointments as needed.

8. Schedules CT scans, MRIs, EEGs, etc. according to physician's orders.

9. Supply patient with written instructions for preparation needed for any and all special procedures or surgeries.

10. Perform other tasks as assigned.

11. RELIEF personnel are required to work in every department of the main clinic as well as most off-site clinics.


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