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Notice of Potential Unauthorized Disclosure of Information for Patients of Imperial Health’s Center for Orthopaedics (CFO) On May 19, 2019, Imperial Health determined that a malicious virus was used by an unauthorized party to infect the CFO system and encrypt the data contained therein. To the best of our knowledge, no patient information was removed by any unauthorized party from the CFO system as a result of this malware attack. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying all patients whose information was stored in the CFO database. The patient data that was encrypted by this virus could have included: name, date of birth, Social Security Number address, telephone number, medical record number, and other clinical information, such as treating physician, diagnoses, laboratory results, medications, and dates of service, to the extent such information was included in the CFO database. For additional information, please CLICK HERE OR CALL 844-996-0195.

The Imperial Health Urgent Care Centers, located in Lake Charles and Moss Bluff, are open early, late and on weekends for patient convenience. No appointment is necessary.

Our centers are staff by primary care physicians, certified nurse practitioners and a support staff you know and trust.

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